Neil Hurst


Neil Hurst, Rookie Patrol Officer

Quote: “Don’t fucking tell me to calm down!”


Officer Hurst is a third-generation PPD officer. Neil dedicated himself to becoming a police officer in the memory of his own father, Ted Hurst, who was killed in the line of duty just months after Neil was born. To fulfill this dream, Neil has worked to overcome the stigma of being the only child of a single mother and a lifetime of anger management issues stemming from growing up without a father. Less than a year ago, Neil graduated from the MPD training academy, and although he was nowhere near the top of his class, his performance was respectable. Recently, however, the stress of his job has been wearing at his ability to cope with his anger, and Neil’s fiancée has broken off their engagement out of concerns over his potentially violent mood swings. Neil is caught between concern over his constant mood swings and his fear that seeking psychiatric help may end his police career. In fact, things are much worse than Neil could ever imagine.
Neil is currently partnered with Alex Quintero.


Neil clearly shows the Black Irish ancestry of both his mother and his true father, with black hair and thick bushy eyebrows. His eyes have a smoldering intensity that draw women like moths to a flame, at least until his moodiness and barely sublimated anger frighten them away. When not in uniform, Neil favors comfortable jeans, tennis shoes and T-shirts or jerseys carrying the logo of one sports team or another. Neil is in superb physical condition. He works out almost every day, and he avidly studied kung fu until a few weeks ago when he accidentally broke three of his instructor’s ribs in a sparring mishap. Since then, Neil has been too embarrassed to return to his training.

Storytelling Hints:

Neil is the epitome of the expression “still waters run deep.” Even when he is totally calm, the young man gives the impression of someone barely holding his temper in check. He is very easily provoked into anger, and only the calming influence of his partner, Alex Quintero, has prevented a few incidents that might have gotten Neil brought up on police brutality charges, or worse. Recently, his moodiness has also been increased by his insomnia, the result of recurring nightmares about going on an inchoate rampage and tearing apart drug dealers, pimps and gang members with razor-sharp claws and teeth. Neil knows something is happening to him and would be grateful to anyone who could help him — unless that “help” cost him his job on the force.

Neil Hurst

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